Hardwood Logs:

Type of wood is predominantly Ash, Oak, Beech or Sycamore. Occasionally other hardwood is used. Our stock is usually a mix of these.
Our wood is sourced from sustainable managed forests and woodlands, via reputable suppliers. We cut our standard log length between 8"-10", but any length of log can be pre ordered up to 2ft long dependant on your requirements.


Quality standards:


Is it seasoned wood you use?

Our wood is well seasoned and therefore dry and 'ready to burn'.


Is the wood ethically sourced?

All our wood comes from sustainably managed woodland.


Can you meet my requirements?

We will always try to meet our customers requirements regarding delivery time, log length, load size - please ring to discuss - 01937 830700.

How to tell seasoned wood.

Bark comes away easily and cracks can be seen in the ends.  This is important as the calorific value of 'green' unseasoned wood is very low compared to seasoned wood.

The moisture content of seasoned wood should be between 18-25%.  Unseasoned 'green' firewood can be 50%-60% or more.

'Seasoned' wood can provide up to double the heat energy output in the firewood as opposed to unseasoned 'green' wood.

It's better to buy wood by volume rather than by weight or you could be buying wet wood.