22-02-2022 - Andy from Tadcaster
I cant recommend ACG Woodfuels enough. Brilliant company to deal with, always a quick turnaround following placing an order. Guy always turns up as promised and also keeps you updated on the day of delivery when he's en-route, which is great. Drops the logs exactly where I need them and they are always well seasoned and ready to burn. FAULTLESS!!
15-03-2021 - Sue Counter
I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the prompt, efficient service of ACG Woodfuels. Dates and arrival times are reliable and all COVID precautions are taken. I have recently changed over to briquettes after Guy suggested I try them. They are so much better for my small log burner, giving off tremendous heat and leaving hardly any ash residue. I couldn't be more happy with the whole process and highly recommend ACG Woodfuels.
29-08-2018 - Steve Earnshaw
Just had delivery of a bulk bag of hard wood logs, cut to 15 inches as requested for my clay pizza oven. Great service, prompt delivery, will definitely be ordering again.
01-03-2018 - Jeffrey and Lynne Milner
We were recommended this local company by our chimney sweep and we have not been disappointed in any way. The delivery came swiftly and cleanly with a good range of large size logs which we prefer for our big window burner. The chappie himself was very chatty and it was a pleasure to meet and support his business. Our burner has been busy! All the wood has burned efficiently and is good to watch doing so too! We do have a moisture meter but having checked once (out of curiosity) we have never had any cause to do so again! It's all been beautifully dry and clean. We are very happy to recommend and will be repurchasing again this year.
10-11-2016 - Leilah Vyner - Dragon Willow
A.C.G Wood Fuels is easy to deal with, professional and prompt with delivery. I ordered a bulk bag of Hardwood logs and kindling which was ready seasoned and ready to burn. I would heartily recommend this brilliant business for wood logs and kindling. It's professional businesses like Guy's that help mine run smoothly.

Leilah Vyner - Dragon Willow

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Web site: Dragon Willow http://www.dragonwillow.co.uk
Twitter: @fern286
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Dragon Willow Consulting http://www.dragonwillowconsulting.co.uk

I would recommend this company and its products to any potential customer. 
16-02-2015 - Dr Victoria Williamson
I am very happy with the service offered by Guy and ACG Fuels. You won't find better in Yorkshire!

I first messaged on the website for tariffs and received them, by email as requested, within a short time. Guy advised me on the type of materials I should try in my multifuel stove and I was glad for the expertise! Once my order was placed i confirmed a mutually convenient delivery time within the week.

On the day of delivery Guy text me before leaving his yard and then rang to confirm he was nearby. His arrival was right on time. I bought softwood logs, briquettes and kindling. All are very dry and burn a treat in my stove. So much better than the wood you can pick up from a supermarket or garage - don't waste your money on that rubbish!! 

I would recommend this company and its products to any potential customer. 
17-08-2014 - Ian Tatner
Prompt professional service and helpful advice. Would recommend.
09-02-2014 - Sandra Jenkins
A fast professional service with high quality wood, delivery times agreed are always met and good compeitive price.
18-11-2013 - Khalid Amin
Had our first delivery at the end of September, useful advice whilst ordering and prompt delivery service. The wood burns extremely well. Recommended.
06-11-2013 - Bob Stott (Bardsey )
Many thanks for the prompt and professional response to my first order for a trailer load of wood from ACG Wood Fuels. The order was confirmed within one day and delivery occurred on the day and time agreed. I look forward to using my new wood burning stove and to ordering from you again in future.
01-03-2013 - Julie Long
We have used ACG wood fuels for a couple of years now. Each time we get the same high standard of service at a very competitive price. Quick and friendly to deal with, highly recommend.
28-02-2013 - Liam Huson
This is my second delivery of wood, both have been of the highest quality, softwood, hardwood and kindling all very well seasoned and burn extremely well.
27-11-2012 - J Devine
Just had our first delivery from ACG. Logs were delivered promptly and burn well. Excellent communication throughout, recommended!
25-10-2012 - Andy Purcell
Wood Delivered promptly and on time, flexible approach to delivery that worked well for us.

Great wood, well seasoned, burns well.
Second delivery now and will be using ACG again
Highly recommended .
22-06-2012 - J Smith
I have recently installed a wood burner from Wetherby Stoves who recommended ACG to me. I have had two deliveries from them and i am impressed in the way they handled my order.

I just email them for their traffifs and by return I received them. Once my order was placed i received a telephone call to advise on the delivery date(within a week).On the day of delivery Mr Pears rang to confirm the time and his arrival was spot on. The products i bought was hardwood logs,briquettes and kindlng.All has described very dry and ready to burn. Mr Pears was most helpful on the advice he gave me and i would recommend his company to any potential customer. Thank you for your service long it may continue.
18-05-2012 - Miss K Clarke
We tried ACG as the wood that we bought from another was off the scale with moisture and just wouldn't burn.

Artisan recommended ACG to us.
We have had our first delivery from Guy. The wood is really good quality and burns really well. He also recommended the briquettes which are also great for your log burning stove.

I am really happy with the service and advice from Guy and the quality of the wood. As he was delivering from some distance he also let us know when he was on his way which really helped. Its good to know we have found a quality supplier that delivers as described. Thanks again.
28-04-2012 - Cathy and Brian from near York
"We have used ACG now on several occasions and have found the wood to be well seasoned, and the delivery prompt and efficient. We would thoroughly recommend them."
06-01-2012 - A Winship
Have had our first delivery this morning. The wood, as promised, is ready to burn. Checked a few at random and all 20% moisture or less. Finally a reliable source and delivered quickly and on time! Briquettes also burn well.
03-01-2012 - Joanne Brook
Just to say that I wholeheartedly agree with Dave Baxter's testimonial. We recevied our first batch of both softwood logs and briquettes just before Christmas and both have been excellent.

Very happy to use ACG again and recommend highly. Jo Brook
06-12-2011 - Dave Baxter
We have been using Guy for our wood for 3 years now and have always found him very prompt and professional and the wood burns extremely well. We had initially tried wood from garages and farms which were a real false ecomomy, the wood that Guy brings is spot on and is delivered in a size that suits our smaller stove.
25-11-2011 - David Rogers
Totally dependable.Delivers on time. Never lets us down. A pleasure to deal with Guy. Logs excellent quality. ACG highly recommended.
08-11-2011 - Gavin Smith
A very reliable service, they always deliver quickly and the wood is good quality with logs of different diameters which is always handy.
26-10-2011 - Chris Sayer
We switched to A.C.G from another supplier three years ago as the logs we were using often failed to burn. No such problems with this company and the service is excellent. They always deliver when we ask them to.
21-10-2011 - David O'Neill
Just had a prompt delivery of hard wood logs.The logs are dry and burn fantastic.

A little more expensive than previous orders I've had from other suppliers,but these logs are far superior and well worth the extra.
thank you.......
26-6-2011 - David Hughes
I have been a customer for the last four years and found them reliable and fairly priced along with good value which in to-days world is hard to find.

Quality standards:


Is it seasoned wood you use?

Our wood is well seasoned and therefore dry and 'ready to burn'.


Is the wood ethically sourced?

All our wood comes from sustainably managed woodland.


Can you meet my requirements?

We will always try to meet our customers requirements regarding delivery time, log length, load size - please ring to discuss - 01937 830700.

How to tell seasoned wood.

Bark comes away easily and cracks can be seen in the ends.  This is important as the calorific value of 'green' unseasoned wood is very low compared to seasoned wood.

The moisture content of seasoned wood should be between 18-25%.  Unseasoned 'green' firewood can be 50%-60% or more.

'Seasoned' wood can provide up to double the heat energy output in the firewood as opposed to unseasoned 'green' wood.

It's better to buy wood by volume rather than by weight or you could be buying wet wood.