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Hardwood Logs
Predominantly Ash, Oak, Beech or Sycamore. Occasionally other hardwood is used.
Softwood Logs
We mainly use Larch which is also our choice of wood for making kindling.
Larch is our choice of wood for making high quality kindling.
Made from compressed sawdust to form a dense brick that has a long burn time.


NOW DELIVERING DOUBLE TRAILER LOADS! Please do not get complacent and let your log stores get depleted - Order early to ensure you have a sufficient supply at the ready. There's nothing more relaxing and warming than getting settled in front of real flames, whether it be a stove or open fire!

We can be contacted on: 01937 830700 or 07931 566811. Please leave a message if we are unable to take your call and we will contact you as soon as possible - thank you.

Situated between Tadcaster and York, North Yorkshire, our location is ideal for access to all routes and for YOUR convenience, WE DELIVER TO YOU.

We pride ourselves on offering a professional, reliable, service and make every effort to accommodate delivery times to suit our customers.

We supply to the trade – garden centres, farm shops, pubs, pet stores, stove suppliers and other retail outlets.

We also supply to domestic customers who have open fires, stoves and wood fuel boilers.


A.C.G Wood Fuels.

We are a family business that takes pride in our products. We are suppliers of Good quality Dry Seasoned Firewood, kindling and briquettes. Our firewood is moisture tested to ensure it is ready to burn.

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ACG Wood Fuels are pleased to be supporting Yorkshire Rows Atlantic


How to tell seasoned wood.

Bark comes away easily and cracks can be seen in the ends. This is important as the calorific value of 'green' unseasoned wood is very low compared to seasoned wood.

The moisture content of seasoned wood should be between 18-25%  Unseasoned 'green' firewood can be 50%-60% or more.

'Seasoned' wood can provide up to double the heat energy output in the firewood as opposed to unseasoned 'green' wood.

It's better to buy wood by volume rather than by weight or you could be buying wet wood.